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About Us


Who Is Ginha?

A Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Marriage and Family Therapist, Coach, and Speaker.  

A results-driven strategic consultant who specializes in helping people grow, transform, and create their dream existence. As the founder of Personal Life Wellness Marriage and Family Therapy PLLC, Ginha has helped hundreds of couples repair and create the relationships they desire. As the creator of the We Are Wife Material Premium Coaching Program, Ginha has helped single women of all ages find healthy, unimaginable love and create dream relationships. 

As a successful black female full-time entrepreneur, Ginha has experience with thinking outside of the box and creating a life outside of the ordinary. 

I consider myself a happy life and healthy relationship advocate.

My coaching strategies are derived from evidence-based principles of social psychology and behavioral science to get you results. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I have completed continuing education with  Harvard Medical School Department of Continuing Education. I

have studied human behavior and relationships to their core since 2004. I have a decade of experience in assisting singles and couples in changing their lives, building and strengthening their relationships.

Life Coach

Who is AD Immanuel?

My ideal client recognizes the value of professional coaching to help them gain direction in their personal life and career. They desire support in finding greater focus, overcoming self-doubt, or developing a mindset that will help them achieve higher levels of success. They may feel deeply dissatisfied with certain aspects of their life or feel pressured by challenging situations they are experiencing. However, they are ready to invest time and effort in their transformational journey. I am a Certified Professional Life Coach and Project Management Professional. I have coached and mentored dozens of individuals and have over ten years of professional experience successfully leading teams and projects within various organizations.

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