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Coaching Services

What is Coaching? Is it the same as therapy?


No, Therapists handle the diagnosis or treatment of emotional problems and mental health concerns, whereas relationship coaches help clients achieve their relationship goals. 


With coaching, clients set their expectations, and I help them achieve them.


I am a highly trained life and relationship strategist. Think of me as a guide on your path to the life you dream of. I’m here to help you build and execute a plan to achieve your goals.

Couples Relationship Coaching

My couples relationship coaching service is a great fit for couples who are seeking to learn communication and conflict resolution skills or rebuild trust to strengthen their relationship. 

$200 per hour

$300 for 90 minutes

Dating Coaching 

My Premium Dating Coaching Program will teach you the dating skills needed to find true love with an emotionally intelligent partner.

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Life Coaching

My life coaching service can help you get on track or find direction in your personal life and professional life. Let's get you to a fulfilling life. 

$175 per hour

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