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What would your life look like if you had the strategies to assist you in obtaining that real, healthy, reciprocal relationship of your dreams?


My 6 Week Premium Dating Coaching Program Is Targeted To Get You The Results You Desire.


Meet Your Relationship Expert:

Let a Harvard Trained Relationship Expert Teach You The Secrets To Dating With Results! My program is derived from evidence-based principles of social psychology and behavioral science to get you results. I have a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and have studied relationships to their core since 2004. I have a decade of experience in assisting singles and couples in building and strengthening their relationships. I have assisted coaching clients in obtaining healthy relationships in as little as 4 months.



My Dating Coaching Program is set up in 4 targeted phases to get you the results you desire without settling. 
What you will learn: 
My Acquisition Formula to assist you in locating your compatible match in as little as 8 months.
Module 1: The Prepping Process 
* Strategies to build confidence to assist you in presenting the best you on dates. 
* Strategies to improve self-awareness to assist you in shifting the kind of men you attract so that you can attract the kind of partner you desire. 
* Strategies to find and attract your ideal partner. 
The confidence to date intentionally without feeling the pressure to settle or give up on your relationship goals.

Module 2: The Vetting Process 
* Strategies to ensure that you are vetting your dates effectively to identify red flags and disqualify those who would not be a good match for you. 
*  Knowledge about green flags and how to identify as well as respond to them. 
*The skills to effectively assess compatibility to ensure that you attract a partner who is a complement to you. 

Module 3: Vetting Process 2.0 -The Relationship 
* Skills to continue the vetting process within the relationship to assure that you make the best decisions as to whether your partner is right for you. 
* Strategies to ensure that you are not settling.
* Skills to build and maintain a healthy relationship.

Module 4: The Accountability Process
* Skills to keep you motivated and on track with goal implementation.
* Habits to ensure strategic actions that lead to success.
Strategies to ensure personal accountability for your relationship future.

Premium Coaching Program ($6,000 Value)

3 One on One Coaching Calls ($900 Value-Paid in Full Bonus)

Recommended Reads List ($30 Value)

Dating Toolkit ($199 Value)

Online Dating Guide ($149 Value)

Single Woman’s Guide to Attraction ($149 Value)

Dating Plan Workbook ($199 Value)

Free: Access to Members Only

Facebook Community 

Lifetime Program Access

Program Material


Dating Tool Kit My Dating tool kit gives you the tools you need to perform goal oriented actions focused on dating results. $199 Value


Single Woman's Guide To Attraction Tired of attracting the wrong men or landing in the friend zone? My guide to attraction will help you flex your femininity. $149 Value


2020 Recommended Reads List Tired of wasting time reading the wrong books with little results? Remove the guest work with this curated book list. $30 Value


One on One Coaching Call Pay in full and receive 3 one on one coaching calls. A $900 Value. $300 Value


Dating Plan Workbook Stay on track with your dating goals with my dating plan workbook. $199 Value


Online Dating Guide Online Dating can be complicated. My online dating guide takes the guess work out of online dating. $149 Value

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